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Engaging Parents as Partners in Their Children's Education

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Geaux Learn Educational Solutions, Inc is inviting applicants to join a highly distinguished program in its national launch and contribute in its recruitment efforts to attract outstanding parents passionate about their children's education.  









We envision 100 Black Boys/Girls of America programs run by passionate education advocates we call Area Coordinators.  We plan to work very closely with every Area Coordinator, so there is a formal application process to start an official program in your city.


When you become an Area Coordinator, you become eligible to receive compensation for every new participant you enroll.  You will also continue to receive a monthly stipend based on the number of participants in your area.  There will only be two coordinators per city (i.e. one for Girls, one for Boys).


If you're serious about bringing a 100 program to your hometown, we'd love to hear from you.  Please read through the following information to get a better idea of how our 100 programs operate.  If it seems like the right fit for you, fill out the form at the bottom to receive the New City Program Launch application via email.


Q. What does it mean to be a 100 Area Coordinator?

A.  Each 100 program is led by one person who serves as the local area coordinator.  This person represents his/her city by leading a team and organizing a program with the support of the Geaux Learn headquarters in Baton Rouge.


As the leader of your city, you will be in charge of all details for your local program such as:


* Recruiting 100 program participants (minimum of 35 to start)

* Serving as the main point of contact for HQ

* Organizing a five member parent advisory council

* Planning 2 local meetups each month for program participants (this may include securing a venue, speaker, and/or sponsor)


Q.  Do area coordinators sign a contract?

A.  Each coordinator signs an independent partner agreement in order to represent the 100 brand.  The agreement will outline all duties and payment details.  


Q.  Can there be more than one coordinator for a city?

A.  Yes.  We require an area coordinator for the boys program and another for the girls program.  Selected coordinators are encouraged to nominate a parent advisory council to support them behind the scenes.  Coordinators are free to organize their team as they see fit, but only one person will be paid as the official area coordinator for each program.



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Becoming a 100 Area Coordinator

General Expectations


Q. How much time typically goes into being a 100 Area Coordinator?

A.  On average, an area coordinator will spend about 10 hours per week building their city's program for the first month or two.  This number will decline as your program is established.


Q.  How often are events?

A.  Each program is expected to host a local meetup twice a month, every month.  Examples include museum tours, art galleries, park days with fitness theme, etc.  


Q.  How many parents/students should be enrolled?

A.  Program capacity is determined by the number of enrolled students.  The goal for each city is 100 (go figure!) students.  

About Your City


Q. Can there be more than one 100 program per city?

A.  Nope.  We stick with one boys and one girls program per city.


Q.  I live in a small city or a city not listed on the launch list.  Can I still apply to start a program?

A.  You're welcome to apply if you feel your city can sustain a minimum of 35 participants.


Q.  Is applying for a city on first-come, first-served basis?

A.  No, not necessarily.  However, we do recommend that you get your application in as soon as you can.  If we find a coordinator we really like, we'll grant them the city of their choice.

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Be a






Impact Your Community


Change the



Be the change you wish to see in the world


Host resource events and create educational activities to engage African American parents and their children


Become an Advocate and Change Agent for parental engagement and student excellence in the African American community


Change the attitude toward education in the African American home, TODAY


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